Saint-Mars-la-Brière, Sarthe, France

Étang de la Lande

Carp fishing in "no kill", in a lake of 37 acres.

Fishing with respect for fish

  • Presentation of the lake

    The pond, very old, is flat on peaty and sandy bottom.

    The water feature is oriented north south, is about 820yd long and 220yd wide, with an average depth of 5ft.

    The herd of carp, koi carp and sturgeon has been maintained and renewed for more than 20 years, making its record fish the attractiveness of the pond.

    The 16 posts, which can accommodate two fishermen, are sandy beaches in the reeds.

    A toilet block with shower, toilet and freezer is at your disposal.

  • secure site / fishing rules
    • The park, fully enclosed, is closed to the public
    • • acces by reservation is reserved for fishermen
    • • Visit and visitors are not allowed
    • Gas barbecue only, log fires and wood barbecue forbidden
    • • The stations are accessible by vehicle. Caravans and motorhomes forbidden
    • • Dogs must be on a leash
    • Garbage must be brought back (no containers on site)
    • • Sanitary facilities at your disposal (shower, WC) with freezer and electrical outlets to recharge your devices. A bike will be loaned to you to get there

    The owner reserves the right to return any person who does not respect the rules, without compensation and / or refuse any new booking.

    People identified as not honoring their reservations, too noisy or not complying with the rules, especially about montages or respect for fish will be black listed and will not be admitted.

    The owner releases his responsibility for any flight that could provide the fishermen or their equipment.

    Children and minors are placed under the responsibility of their parents.
    Swimming is prohibited. Due to peaty bottoms, advancing into the pond is dangerous.

    Fishing rules


A stretch of water of 37 acres.
Carps, koi carps, sturgeons for more than 20 years.

Book by phone

our prices

Price per fisherman, with three rods.

two nights

for 48 hours


4th rod: 10€ / 24h
Fishmate + 10 years: 10€ / 24h

four nights

for 96 hours


4th rod: 10€ / 24h
Fishmate + 10 years: 10€ / 24h

the night more

for 24 hours


4th rod: 10€ / 24h
Fishmate + 10 years: 10€ / 24h

Fishing rules, respect for fish

  • • Single and barbless Hooks barbs crushed admitted
  • • Braids prohibited
  • The leader line must be less resistant than the line body:
  •     Maximum leader 8kg or 17lbs (braid absolutely forbidden)
  •     Line body at least 12kg or 25lbs (Ø 0.4mm)
  • In case of surge, only the leader will break, double advantage:
  •     - the fish will have only the leader line in the jaws
  •     - you will not lose any more material and will not leave any lead in the pond
  • Regular controls by comparative breaking test between the lines
  • • Bait from fishing station (boat and bait boat prohibited). Favor the pellet. For best results, avoid massive bait. Cereals and seeds should be well cooked but should be avoided because poorly digested by sturgeons.
  • • Reception mat and waders mandatory
  • The fish must always stay above the water
  • Carrying for photos should be kneeling in the water
  • Weighing and tripod over the water
  • Tagging, keeping it in a storage bag and anything that could cause excessive damage or fatigue to fish is strictly forbidden
  • Predator fishing prohibited

Opening season

Opening from March to October

Arrival and departure times

From 9am to 7pm
No arrival on Sunday.

Reservations only by phone: +

From 9am to 7pm from March to October.
From 9am to 1pm from Monday to Friday from November to February.
Reservations for the following year begin the day after the closing of the current season (end of October)

Carp fishing

Carp fishing in "no kill"

Étang de la Lande, 72470 Saint-Mars-la-Brière, Sarthe, France
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